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Solutions We Offer To Address COVID-19.

Looking for a way to meet face to face?

— Meet 1 on 1 or in group settings with your clients using video conferencing technology. I can help setup a home studio, purchase sound and lighting equipment, and make sure it is compatible with your computer and home internet service.

Weak signal? Poor reception?

— Professional signal boosters can help increase the range and stability of your internet connection. Pre-configured, and delivered to your home.

Security concerns?

— A mobile surveillance kit allows you to drop-in a discreate, professional, camera system into your workplace so you can monitor your site remotely from your mobile device. No installation required. Remote configuration provided by Reeve Technologies.

Teachers and Librarians

— Let's talk about ways we can get your students interacting with you each day on a planned schedule. I can help you setup your home computers, and get the word out to your students. Even though school won’t be returning after the march break, let's send a clear message to parents and students — Education will continue.


— My wife and I have been homeschooling our kids for years. If you need online resources or advice on working from home with your kids around, please contact us. Let’s work together to continue education during the pandemic.


AODA Compliance

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AODA Compliance

Ontario is the first province and one of the first jurisdictions in the world to enact specific legislation establishing a goal and time-frame for accessibility. It is also the first jurisdiction to legislate accessibility reporting and to establish standards so people with disabilities can participate more actively in their communities.

Safe Tech

Leverage technology to provide a safe environment for minors, co-workers and your customers.

Rapid Hosting

Scale your growing business with our professional hosting services.

Networking and Surveillance

Blanket your property in secure, high bandwidth internet connectivity — and then monitor every square inch of it with UHD video surveillance. We can design and install a system specific to your requirements.

Networking and Surveillance

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AODA Compliance Safe Tech Rapid Hosting Networking and Surveillance